Telecommunications provider Vodafone Ghana has launched the nation's largest wi-fi zone at the Legon campus of the University of Ghana in the northern suburbs of Accra. The high-speed system is capable of serving over 5,000 students at a time via laptops, smartphones and other wi-fi friendly devices.

It is the latest wi-fi initiative undertaken by Vodafone in Ghana, which has established other wi-fi-zones at various hotels around the state as well as at KNUST University of Science and Technology in Kumasi and Kotoka International Airport.

On the occasion of the launch, Vodafone announced a promotional offer of 100 browsing hours a month for Ghc 30, with vouchers available at Afric Xpress points on campus.

Vodafone Ghana is a subsidiary of the British-based company Vodafone, the world's biggest telecommunications provider.

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