Water kiosks in Lagos

Potable water kiosk system to offset reduced supply.

Lagos is introducing a water distribution kiosk system across the state to offset a shortfall in water supply as it works to improve connectivity to the government-operated central water system.

The potable water will be on sale from vendors at the kiosks for "substantially cheaper rates" than the centralised network, according to the ministry of water resources, and the system will be supervised by the Lagos Water Corporation (LWC).

The reduced water supply in Lagos has been caused by a shortage in supply of gas to the Akute Independent Power Plant (IPP), a problem the Lagos government says it is currently working to address.

The government has also urged Lagos residents to report the vandalism and illegal connections to the state's water supply.

It also warned against purchasing water from unlicensed vendors whose potentially-contaminated supplies can be responsible for spreading water-borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea.