A 15-year-old Kenyan was tragically drowned in Ravenna in Italy on 2 July while attending the Ravenna Festival directed by the world-famous conductor, Riccardo Muti.

George Munyua Gathuru was due to perform with a group from Nairobi in the traditional tale of "Simba na Mende" (The Lion and the Cockroach) at the festival, but was carried away by high waves during a day on the Ravenna beach on Italy's Adriatic coast.

An Italian, Marco Colombaioni who was trying to save him, was also drowned. Colombaioni formed part of AMANI, the non-governmental organisation helping with the visit of the Kenyans to Italy. Four others from the group were admitted to hospital, one of them in serious danger of his life.

The remainder of the young Kenyans from Nairobi decided to go ahead with the performance of "Simba na Mende" on 4 July in memory of their friends. They all formed part of the Koinoian Children's Team from the Kivulo Centre in Nairobi for street children.

Riccardo Muti is conducting a concert at Uhuru Park on 9 July.