Lagos theatre festival

“All the city’s a stage” is the theme of the second Lagos theatre festival, sponsored by the British Council. As its name suggests the festival this year goes out into the city, with events in Freedom Park. Some of the topics covered are Lagos nightlife, the national lottery and healthcare in this co-operation between British and Nigerian theatre groups, playwrights and actors.

Three stories submitted to the British Council have been turned into scripts by Jude Idada, Lekan Balogan and Soji Cole. Writers have been teamed with Lagos theatre groups Renegade Theatre, Imagine Nigeria and Oxygen Concepts. The productions are managed by a team of Kenneth Uphopho, Daniel Effiong, Brenda Uphopho, Ifeanyi Dibia and Bukky Sanu.

Last year the festival took place in the Eko Hotel where plays were performed in an underground car park, a restaurant and a bedroom. Next year the British Council hopes to expand the festival still further, possibly beyond the city. The British Council has offices in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano.

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Address British Council, 20 Thompson Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos.

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Lagos theatre festival

British Council, 20 Thompson Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos.