The Pervert Laura

This psycho drama follows Laura, played by Emily Child, through a week of her life, in an unsettling journey into her dark past. The play is written and directed by Louis Viljoen, who has also won awards for two of his previous plays The Kingmakers and Champ.

Viljoen has worked as writer, director and producer in theatre, film and television and has put his present successful career in theatre down to the fact that actors are eager to work with him and to his “luck”.

Emily Child won best actress for her perfomance as Laura, Guy de Lancey for best supporting actor and Viljoen for the best South African new script award at the Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards this year.

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Address Fugard Theatre, Caledon Street, District Six.

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The Pervert Laura

Fugard Theatre, Caledon Street, District Six.