Alto Ma stretches along the end of Avenida 24 de Julho and Avenida Eduardo Mondlane between the Cidade cimento and the Canio. It hosts the parliament building (Assembleia da Republica), constructed by the Chinese in 1997, and the 1975 Museum of the Revolution (Museu de Revoluo), one of only two museums devoted to Mozambican history in the country (the other is the ethno-anthropological museum in Nampula, Mozambiques third city, 2,500 km north of Maputo). Once home to the citys Indian immigrant community, Alto Ma is a lively commercial area; at the end of Avenida Eduardo Mondlane, beyond the statue of Eduardo Mondlane (the first leader of the revolutionary party Frente Nacional de Libertao de Moambique, or Frelimo, now in government), is the Xima, one of the most popular live music disco pubs in the city. The open-air market on Largo Joo Albasini, a few minutes walk from the statue of Eduardo Mondlane, sells good quality local and imported goods such as fruit, vegetables, meat and clothes more cheaply than supermarkets. Between Alto Ma and Xipamanine, one of the old Canio areas, is the unofficial Xipamanine market, one of the oldest and largest in Maputo, selling second-hand clothes, chickens, cows, talismans and also items found at the official market but at lower prices. Housing is a mix of apartments in two-ten storey buildings and poorly kept detached houses dating from the 1930s and 1940s.

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Address Alto Ma, Maputo

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Alto Ma

Alto Ma, Maputo