Inhaca is the largest island in Maputo Bay about 37 km off the coast with a nature reserve, the small village of Vila de Inhaca and beautiful beaches. It takes 15 minutes to get there by plane or an hour and a half by ferry. It is also possible to ask fishermen for a lift, but the crossing can take three-four hours, and takes place at night. However, is a rather exiting experience since the trip ends at sunrise in front of the magnificent beach of the Farol, the lighthouse. On the Maputo side the island has a number of beaches, the Inhaca Island Lodge Hotel, some lodges and the Institute of Marine Biology (Biologia Marina), part of the biology faculty of the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane. On the other side, there are no tourist facilities and the beaches are untouched. There is a small market at the entrance to Vila de Inhaca and a shop selling basics such as mineral water, beans, rice, sunflower oil and tissues. There are a few bars and restaurants, such as the Carioca, owned by Armando, a Portuguese man who speaks almost all European languages and is always smiling, and the Restaurant Lucas. In addition to the local indigenous population, the island is also home to administrators and researchers at the Institute of Marine Biology, students from Maputo and other African and international universities, and rich people (mostly expats) in search of a relaxing and isolated place to spend the week end. There are no high-rise buildings on the island; all houses are one, or at most two stories and have their own garden.

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Address Inhaca Island, Maputo

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Inhaca Island

Inhaca Island, Maputo