In the last five years a number of new villas and compounds have been built from Sommerschield down to the Costa do Sol beach, creating the new luxury areas of Nova Sommerschield and Triunfo for expats and high-income Mozambicans looking for a villa with a garden and possibly a swimming pool near the sea and away from the noise and traffic of the city centre. Meanwhile, the original residents with their palhotas (houses made of straw, wood and earth) and machambas (vegetable plots) have been pushed out. The areas boast the Mercado do Peixe, or fish market, where fresh sea food can be cooked on the spot at one of the many kiosks. The Restaurant Costa do Sol is another draw; high and middle-income families come here on weekends to eat fish at low prices in an attractive mangrove and beach environment. Nova Sommerschield and Triunfo also have two large South African shopping centres, Game and Mares. There are French and Portuguese schools in Triunfo but other services supermarkets, health and schooling are in nearby Sommerschield and Polana.

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Address Nova Sommerschield/Triunfo, Maputo

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Nova Sommerschield/Triunfo

Nova Sommerschield/Triunfo, Maputo