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Heralding Spring by Nazli Madkour

28 May-18 June 2011. This exhibition displays the paintings by the Egyptian artist Nazli Madkour. Madkour lives and works in Cairo. She holds a masters degree in Political Economy obtained at the A...
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11th Independent Film Festival

22-24 May 2011. Goethe Institut hosts the 11th edition of this Independent Film Festival. The screenings of independent movies, mainly by filmmakers such as Beit Sha'ar by Iman Kamel, which will ope...
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Sunrise by Hossam Amin

20-30 May 2011. This exhibition pays homage to Hossam Amin and proposes a selection of paintings, sculptures and textiles by this polyhedral artist.
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Salah Taher

19 May-15 June 2011. This exhibition pays homage to the prominent Egyptian painter Salah Taher, who died in 2007, on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Taher reached fame in the 1960s when he was...
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Apparition of Symbolism

14 May-14 June 2011.This exhibition entitled Apparition of Symbolism brings together the paintings by two contemporary Egyptian artists Samir Rafea and Mahmoud Abdallah. Their works portray scenes fr...
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Joint Italian-Egyptian Exhibition

13-23 May 2011. This joint Italian-Egyptian exhibition entitled Muse displays the paintings by Omar Galliani and Essam Maarouf. The exhibition is part of an extended strategy by the Chairman of the Pl...
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Tahrir Square by Agnes Balazs

9-19 May 2011. The Hungarian Cultural Counselor Office displays a series of photographs entitled Tahrir Square by the Hungarian photographer Agnes Balazs. Balazs offers her interpretation of the Egypt...
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Ethiopian Colours by Galal El-Hosseiny

9-19 May 2011. This exhibition displays some water colour paintings by Galal El-Hosseiny. The artist pays homage to Ethiopia with this series on the Ethiopian Colours.
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Invisible Cities by Damon Kowarsky

8 May-2 June 2011. The Mashrabia gallery displays this exhibition of etchings and drawings by the Australian artist Damon Kowarsky. The artist dedicates this series entitled Invisible Cities to severa...
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Two Events at Cairo Opera Complex

8-17 May 2011. Throughout May the Cairo Opera Complex hosts two events. The first one takes place from 8 to 17 May at the Cairo Opera Gallery, which hosts a group exhibition of paintings and ceram...
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Places in Egypt

4 May-4 June 2011. This exhibition pays homage to Mohamed Ghanem displays a series of pastel paintings entitled Places in Egypt.
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Paintings by Mohamed Shaker

1-28 May 2011. This is the 45th exhibition by the Egyptian painter Mohamed Shaker. On display are a colourful selection of recent paintings created using oil on wood and oil on canvas. In his works Sh...
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Egyptian Revolution at AUC

1-31 May 2011. The American University of Cairo organizes this photography exhibition, which pays homage to the Egyptian revolution. On display are the large colour reproductions of the images pri...
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First Egyptian Photo Marathon

1-21 May 2011. This first Egyptian Photo Marathon is organized by the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) and the International Media Support (IMS) in collaboration with a number of local Egypti...
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Inter Being by Kim Hyun Ju

24 April-7 May 2011. This exhibition entitled Inter Being features 25 paintings by the Korean artist Kim Hyun Ju. This artist spent a whole year in Cairo, where he portrayed the Egyptian life with som...
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Seminar on the Development of Language and Literacy in the Kindergarden

2 May 2011. Goethe Institut organizes this seminar on the development of language skills and dialogical reading for children aged two to six. Participants will be trained in the methods for practi...
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Assumptive Faces by Mustafa Yehia

13-23 April 2011. This exhibition entitled Assumptive Faces features the paintings by the Egyptian artist Mustafa Yehia.
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Works by Mervat El-Seweify

13-30 April 2011. Extra displays the recent works by the Egyptian artist Mervat El-Seweify.
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Still Valid at AUC

11 April-12 May 2011. This exhibition entitled Still Valid showcases the works by contemporary Egyptian artists, who document aspects of the pre-revolution Egyptian scene. This event underlines Egypt
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The Family Home by Khaled El-Samahy

10-24 April 2011. This exhibition entitled The Family Home displays a series of pastel paintings by the Egyptian painter Khaled El-Samahy.


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