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Revolutionary Vision

13 October-17 November 2011. This group exhibition, entitled Revolutionary Vision, showcases a selection of photographs and videos by the Egyptian artists Alaa Taher, Bassam El-Zoghby, Ibrahim Saad, J...
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The African Biennale for Photography

1-31 October 2011. This edition of the African Biennale for Photography is dedicated to the Arab Spring. On display are the photographs, who were awarded at the 9th round of the Bamako Encounters....
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Nile and Ganga: Glimpses of Two Great Rivers

25 September-5 October 2011. This exhibition pays homage to the Two Great Rivers, the Nile and the Ganga, with a selection of 41 images by the Austrian photographer Cornelia Kaufmann. Kaufmann
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Abdel Nasser: The Dream

25 September-25 October 2011. This group exhibition commemorates the memory of Abdel Nasser (1918-1970), president of Egypt from 1956 until his death. As colonel in the Egyptian army, Nasser let...
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Responsible Business Schools in Challenging Times

2-4 October 2011. The American University organizes a series of events under the title Responsible Business Schools in Challenging Times: Towards Creating a Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Af...
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Views of Egypt

15 September-18 October 2011. This exhibition, entitled Views of Egypt, is part of a wide project. During the summer holidays Goethe Institut asked the members of the Egyptian Organization of the...
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Collages Exhibition at Darb

5 September-5 October 2011. On display are the works by 24 Egyptian artists, who participated in a collage workshop held at Darb 1718 by the artist Hany Rashed. These works were created according...
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Ragheb and Sabri at Duroub

1-31 September 2011. The Duroub gallery organizes a collective exhibition and displays among the others the works of two special guests of honour: the veteran portraitist Sabri Ragheb and the pastel p...
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Seminar on Literature to Touch

9-19 September 2011. This seminar held by the German expert Angelika Lundquist-Mog investigates on how it is possible to teach German contemporary literature to learners with little knowledge of the G...
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Maspero Exhibition

21 July-30 August 2011. This exhibition is about the Egypt
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Double Exhibition at El Sawy Culturewheel

21-29 July 2011. El Sawy Culturewheel hosts two exhibitions: the first one will be displayed at the Earth Hall and features the wooden artworks by the Egyptian artist Mohamed Youssef, while the second...
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Children Workshops at Cairo Opera Gallery

16 July-16 August 2011. The Cairo Opera Gallery organizes workshops for children on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the summer.
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Visual Festival of Art and Photography at AUC

1 July-31 August 2011. The American University of Cairo hosts this Visual Festival of art and photography. On display are three different exhibitions and three publications on the Egyptian revolution,...
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Success and Uncertainty at Townhouse Gallery

1-31 July 2011. This exhibition entitled Success and Uncertainty displays the latest work by the Africa-based Dutch graphic designers Sandra Kassenaar and Bart de Baets. It consists of a poster projec...
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Before and After the Revolution

29 June-23 July 2011. Extra Gallery displays this exhibition entitled Before and After the Revolution. On display are a series of paintings by the Egyptian artist Ibrahim El-Fichawy.
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Bernard Lavilliers at Fête de la Musique 2011

21 June 2011. On occasion of the 30th edition of F
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Five Cities Portfolios

19 June-6 July 2011. The Townhouse gallery displays a photographic exhibition entitled Five Cities Portfolios by the Rotterdam-based designer and architectural photographer Bas Princen. In this ph...
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Step Forward in Alexandria

17 June-27 August 2011. The Goethe Institute of Alexandria organizes Step Forward, a theatrical and musical project which reunites for the first time seven independent theatrical groups of Alexandria....
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Concert by Mouse on Mars

10 June 2011. The Rawabet Theatre presents this concert by the post Techno group Mouse on Mars, composed by the musicians Andy Thoma and Jan Werner from Cologne. This group was founded in 1992 and sin...
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Lecture and Launch of Muslim Philanthropy Digital Library

12 June 2011. The American University of Cairo


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