17 June-27 August 2011. The Goethe Institute of Alexandria organizes Step Forward, a theatrical and musical project which reunites for the first time seven independent theatrical groups of Alexandria.

The groups are Reflection, Isis, Imtidad, Hewar, Ibn Elbalad, Noah Ship und Faces and will perform in 21 theatrical and musical appointments at various locations throughout the summer.

On 16, 24 and 31 July the theatre group Imtidad will perform the piece Akhnaton at the French Institut of Alexandria (tel. +20 3 4879870). This play is inspired by the king Akhnaton and by his pharaoh life. The central topics of the play are centralization, monotheism, pluralism and the very actual conflicts between power and opposition.

On 18 July at Goethe and on 19 August at Nasr Youth Centre (tel. +20 3 4879870) on stage will be the band Ebn El-Balad. The Egyptian group is inspired by Arabic folk music and reinterprets musical pieces from the 20th century, which deal with the themes of rebellion and critic to the regime.

On 22 and 23 July at the French Institute and on 27 July at Goethe the theatrical group Noah Ship will perform the play Sabaawi on the Run. This piece focuses on dialogue problems within society and makes a great social satire with the help of other media such as projections and improvisations.

On 29 and 30 July at the French Institute and on 20 August at Bibliotheca Alexandrina (tel. +20 3 4879870) the theatrical group Faces performs Voice Print, written by Ezz Darweesh and directed by Nadet Adel. During the performance spectators will turn into actors and their contributions will be combined with a theatrical monologue, video projections of the Tahrir revolution and live music by the young band Shawareena.

On 12 and 13 August at the French Institute and on 19 August at Bibliotheca Alexandrina the theatrical group Isis will perform Prison Cell 25. This piece is an adaptation and mix of four classical theatre pieces such as Antigone, Caligula, Neron

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Address Goethe Insitute Alexandria. 10, Sharia El-Batalsa, Azarita, Alexandria, tel. +20 3 4879870.

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Step Forward in Alexandria

Goethe Insitute Alexandria. 10, Sharia El-Batalsa, Azarita, Alexandria, tel. +20 3 4879870.

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