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Queen at the Ballet

8-12 August 2012. This rock ballet, entitled Queen at Ballet, is performed by the Bovim Ballet production. This show takes the public on an extraordinary journey through the life of one of the most...
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Mies Julie

11 July – 4 August 2012. This play, entitled Mies Julie, is based on the play Miss Julie by August Strindberg, directed by the South African director Yael Farber, starring Thoko Ntshinga, Bongil...
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The Brothers Size at Baxter

18 May-9 June 2012. The Baxter Theatre stages The Brothers Size, produced by the Syracuse Stage production, written by the award winning American playwright Tarrel Alvin McCraney and directed by Timot...
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Bullets over Bishop Lavis

23 April-12 May 2012. The Jester Productions present this play, entitled Bullets over Bishop Lavis, written by Christo Davids and Jody Abrahams and directed by Jody Abrahams. Starring Abduraghman A...
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Comedy with a Conscience

31 March 2012. This show, entitled Comedy with a Conscience, is performed by some of Cape Town’smost talented actors. The actors: MarcLottering, Worcester’s Queen of Comedy, Shimmy Isaacs,...
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Cape Town International Ballet Competition

16-17 July 2010. This international ballet competition, previously known as the South African international ballet competition, brings together ballet companies from all over the country. It consists...
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Morning Tango Salon

30 June 2010. The Baxter Theatre dedicates an evening to tango with the professional tango dancer and teacher Mark Hoeben from Cape Town and his partner, the ballet and contemporary dancer Ina Wichter...
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My Country South Africa dance performance

15-16 June 2010. On the occasion of the 2010 World Cup, the Baxter Theatre in conjunction with the Western Cape Education Department presents a dance performance resulting from a project involving nin...
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Bovim Ballett in Romeo’s Kiss

9-20 June 2010. South African choreographer Sean Bovim directs the Bovim Ballett in a performance that tells of the love between Shakespeare
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Nunsense A-Men!

6-29 May 2010. This award-winning hit musical is directed by Teddy Davies in its African premi
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State S. Petersburg Male Ballet Company

20-23 May 2010. This Russian ballet company is composed of a team of ten male dancers directed by the Russian dancer and choreographer Valery Mikhailovsky. The performance includes a classical compone...
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30 March-3 April 2010. This brand-new dance production is performed by the award-winning Remix Dance Company, directed by Ina Wichterich-Mogane, which celebrates its tenth anniversary. The cast includ...
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Johannesburg New Dance Festival 2009.

19-29 August 2009. This contemporary dance festival features a full programme of work by choreographers from South Africa, Italy, Mozambique, Morocco and Switzerland. For full details see the festival...
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The Stadium.

2-5 July 2009. This successful avant-garde production by iKapa Dance Theatre is characterized by an innovative approach to dance. The choreography by South African Andile Sotiya uses games and athleti...
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Tango Nights.

3-6 June 2009. This two-act dance performance by Sean Bovim combines classical tango with the athleticism of ballet. The show takes place in an Argentinian Caf
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Baxter Dance Festival.

9-13 Sept 2009. Founded in 2005, this festival is Cape Town
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Cape Town City Ballet in Cinderella.

17-26 April 2009. Cape Town City Ballet presents
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Cape Town City Ballet performs Orpheus.

12 Dec 2007-6 Jan 2008. Based on Offenbach
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Cape Town City Ballet.

3-15 Oct 2007. South Africa


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