Dar Es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is an elusive city, and never so much as when you are a foreigner. It is not a capital city but it feels like one. It is not a tourist centre but its modern hotels host many visitors, always on their way to somewhere else. It is part bustling port, part white-sand beaches. It is an old...

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Mawazo Gallery

Mawazo, meaning “ideas and thoughts” in Kiswahili, is dedicated to promoting and advancing contemporary art and artists in Tanzania. The gallery displays sculptures, paintings, etchings, w...
Upanga Art Galleries in Upanga
Dar Es Salaam Yellow pages


Makutano, meaning “gathering”, in Kiswahili, is dedicated to the promotion of high quality arts and crafts from Tanzania. Initiatives include a twice-yearly art and crafts fair and the pro...


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