Dar Es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is an elusive city, and never so much as when you are a foreigner. It is not a capital city but it feels like one. It is not a tourist centre but its modern hotels host many visitors, always on their way to somewhere else. It is part bustling port, part white-sand beaches. It is an old...

Dar Es Salaam Yellow pages

Ocean Road Hospital

Specialist cancer centre run by the state.
Dar Es Salaam Yellow pages

Premier Care Clinic and Pharmacy

Emergency 24 hour number +255 (0)784 254642. French-run private clinic.
Dar Es Salaam Yellow pages

Nordic Clinic

Emergency 24 hour number +255 (0)741 325569, Nordic@raha.com. Non-profit clinic run by the Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Finnish governments to provide comprehensive health services to Nordic citizen...
Dar Es Salaam Yellow pages

IST Medical Scheme Clinic

Emergency 24 hour number +255 (0)754 783393, istclinic@istafrica.com. Independent non-profit trust providing general and family health services including psychotherapy, antenatal and baby care, ultras...
Dar Es Salaam Yellow pages

Muhimbili national hospital

State-run general and orthopaedic hospital.
Upanga Health in Upanga
Dar Es Salaam Yellow pages

Aga Khan hospital

Widely considered the best private hospital in Tanzania, although for treatment of serious conditions it is advisable to go to Nairobi.
Dar Es Salaam Yellow pages


African Medical Investments (AMI ) is a UK-listed entity aims to become a leading supplier of dedicated private hospitals across Africa, offering high quality in and out patient services with a clear...


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