Cape Town to upgrade roads in disadvantaged areas

Cape Town will spend R500-million over the next three years upgrading its roads in disadvantaged areas, if its draft budget is passed by the city council on 28 May.

Transport officials, who launched the initiative on 22 May in Manenberg, an apartheid-era district synonymous with under-funding and severe social problems, say they want to accelerate the process of upgrading substandard roads.

The proposed three-year budget, for which national grant funding is to be sourced, would see the current annual fund designated for road maintenance doubled to R252m by 2014/15.

The city is currently assessing its roads to identify areas in need of upgrading. Future projects will take into consideration cycle lanes and footpaths as part of the city's Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) plan.

The provision of storm-water drainage systems is a priority too, while street furniture such as signposts, seating and lighting will also be inspected.