Cape Town TV changes broadcasting frequency

Cape Town’s community television channel CTV is switching to the new analogue frequency on 26 March, as part of the move by South Africa's television channels to digital terrestrial transmission (DTT).

After 26 March, viewers in Cape Town will have to retune their tv sets to channel 67 or 839.25MHz in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) band to receive the free-to-air television station.

DTT is scheduled to be launched officially in September, but CTV will continue broadcasting on the analogue platform until analogue becomes defunct in December 2013.

CTV can be watched by viewers with a UHF (grid-type) aerial facing the transmitter site at Tygerberg in the Western Cape, as well as online at The station is not available on DSTV (South Africa’s digital satellite television).

CTV, which has a viewership of 1.4 million, has launched an extensive marketing campaign to raise awareness about its service, as well as to remind people to retune their televisions.

Last November it began streaming worldwide via the internet, enabling Cape Town expats to view television programmes from back home. 

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