Before Cape Town's Eastern Boulevard is re-named Nelson Mandela Boulevard, the Nelson Mandela Foundation has requested assurances from the city that Mandela's image will be protected against commercialisation. The foundation has raised concerns that it could lead to shops on the boulevard changing their names to include that of the former president, and it has yet to give its blessing to the city council.

The foundation has stated that it has nothing against the idea in principle but wishes to safe-guard the dignity attached to Mandela's name and the global reverence that it carries.

In addition to the proposed name change to Eastern Boulevard, the other three changes are: Oswald Pirow to be called Christiaan Barnard Street, a pedestrian section of Castle Street between Adderley and Burg streets to be named Krotoa Place, and the plaza space comprising Hertzog Boulevard between the civic centre and Artscape will become Albert Luthuli Place.