Evictions in Dar es Salaam

Over 100 makeshift dwellings have been demolished along the Msimbazi riverbanks in the Kinondoni Hananasif central-west suburbs of Dar es Salaam.

The evictions have been undertaken to remove people from one of Dar es Salaam's flood-prone areas, relocating them to Mabwepande in the outskirts of the city.

Authorities said the residents had defied a government directive to vacate the area, issued towards the end of 2011, following previous flood damage to the valley. Armed police looked on as some 114 structures were torn down after residents were informed they were “no longer required in the valley’ at around 06.00 on 5 October.

Residents said the evictions and demolitions began immediately afterwards, while some complained that they did not have time to retrieve their belongings.

However authorities said that the demolitions were legally conducted, that the residents had been informed in advance, and that all those whose houses were demolished had already been given plots at Mabwepande.