Lagos to relocate Computer Village market

Over 3,000 traders move to Katangowa The Lagos State government is relocating the Computer Village market from Otigba in the central Ikeja district to a new location in Katangowa, a suburb in northern Lagos.

The plan involves moving more than 3,000 traders from Otigba and building new facilities at the Katangowa site, a bustling 25-hectare market dealing mainly in clothes, shoes and textiles.

The decision to move the Otigba traders to Katangowa was made following a meeting between state officials and the Otigba traders' group, Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN).

The relocation plan has been in the pipeline for several years and follows requests from traders for more space and better facilities.

The Computer Village market trades in computers, mobile phones and technology accessories. It began in 1997 with just a handful of vendors but expanded rapidly in the ensuing years, causing traffic congestion in the surrounding area and putting a strain on the local electricity supply.