Nairobi protests after women stripped

Police make arrests after women assaulted for wearing miniskirts

Police in Nairobi have arrested about 100 people following several recent cases of women being attacked and stripped by groups of men who accuse them of being indecently dressed.

The arrests come the day a rally held in Nairobi on 17 November, to protest after another woman was attacked in the capital in recent days. Hundreds of women marched to the offices of the governor and the police chief, demanding that the offenders be punished.

Many of the protestors wore miniskirts to show their support, and the demonstration is part of the growing social media campaign in Kenya #mydressmychoice.

The latest incident happened the same morning as the protest and involved a miniskirt-wearing woman at a bus stop being stripped naked by a group of jeering men who accused her of dressing "scantily".

The woman was then paraded along Accra road in central Nairobi according to police, who have responded with swoops at bus stops around the capital.

Footage of the bus stop attack has prompted other women to come forward claiming similar assaults in Mombasa, Kenya's second-largest city.

The country's deputy president William Ruto called for the arrest of the men involved in the attacks, saying that Kenya was not a "primitive" society.