Egypt clears officers implicated in the murder of Italian student Giulio Regeni

Egypt’s top prosecutor Hamada al-Sawy rejected the claim that five of the country’s security officers were involved in the torture and killing of Giulio Regeni in 2016. As per the announcement, he found no base for filing a criminal case on abduction, killing, or physical torture. With no perpetrator to charge,  he would not pursue the matter further. 

It’s just three weeks after Italian prosecutors charged four Egyptian security officers in absentia citing frustration and non-cooperation.  

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The 28-year old Cambridge graduate was carrying out research on trade unions when he went missing in January 2016 and his mutilated body found on the outskirts of Cairo. The death sparked nationwide across Italy straining diplomatic ties between the two countries. Italy was forced to recall its ambassador citing non-cooperation from Egyptian authorities.  

The state prosecutor said they will continue investigations into the matter but ruled out any charge of the “four officers” and a “fifth person”. Prosecutors said Regeni’s parents collected all his personal items from his apartment including the laptop which they had requested so they can alanyze its contents.  

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The prosecution also sought information from Cambridge University about his studies, and Kenya where a witness gave testimony of hearing a conversation between an Egyptian police officer and another person over the incident.  

On 10 December, Michele Prestipino the Italian prosecutor assigned to the case told a parliametary commission in Rome of “significant proof” implicating Egyptian policemen.

Before his disappearance Regeni was researchign the sensitive topic of Egyptian labor organizations. He also wrote articles that were critical of the Egyptian government. Italian authorities have strongly rejected any notions that Regeni was working as a spy or suffered a gang-related killing.  

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