Open House artwork for Cape Town

Local government sponsors permanent installation in Cape Town

An interactive installation entitled Open House is to be erected in the Central Business District (CBD) of Cape Town after winning a public art competition held by the Western Cape government.

Designed by South African artist Jacques Coetzer, the bright red 10-m high Open House sculpture will be located on the corner of Long Street and Dorp Street where it will remain on permament display from 2015.

Coetzer said that the installation will serve as a platform, playground and shelter for people from all walks of life, and that he drew inspiration from the “corrugated metal structures, RDP homes and the façades of Long Street’s buildings”.

The two-sided piece comprises balconies, windows and staircases and it is envisaged that it will be used for a variety of cultural and social events including poetry readings, speeches and theatrical productions. The competition was established by the local government to celebrate 20 years of democracy in South Africa and to promote dialogue, interaction, social inclusion and freedom of speech.