Women taxi drivers are fashionable in Nairobi

Women passengers favour women taxi drivers in Nairobi.

Women taxi drivers are on the increase in Nairobi thanks to the spread of taxi-hailing apps. Women e-drivers also say that flexible hours, guaranteed payment and the ability to screen passengers are making the work attractive.

So far only three per cent of the city’s e-taxis are driven by women but one of the city’s app-driven taxi services says that it has seen an increase from 27 drivers in 2016 to 380 now.


Women passengers also often prefer to have a woman driver. Safaricom's Little Cab service, a serious rival to Uber, introduced its Lady Bug service in 2016 with taxis driven by women for women only. All the Lady Bug cars are supplied with WiFi and with a Lipa Na Mpesa mobile payment service. 


Taxi services in general are benefiting from bad public transport in the city. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 taxis in Nairobi.