22 June 2008. Roughly 200 teams representing embassies, the business community and government organisations will compete in a special edition of the annual ring road relay race in Addis Ababa to mark the forthcoming Olympic Games in Beijing. The 12-km race is taking place under the auspices of the Ethiopian Olympic Committee and participants will receive a set of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games-branded T-shirts and shorts.

The ring road relay was founded in 2004 to mark the opening of the first two phases of the Addis Ababa ring road. It is sponsored by China Road and Bridge Corporation, the main contractor of the ring road. The third and final phase of the ring road is currently under construction.

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Address Addis Ababa. For information tel. +251 (0)11 6633646.

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2008 Olympic Ring Road Relay.

Addis Ababa. For information tel. +251 (0)11 6633646.