Art Week in Cape Town

16-21 Feb. Exhibitions, architectural projects and public performances.

There are exhibitions at various galleries around the city as well as art walks and workshops but one of the highlights this year is the emphasis on architecture and its spaces curated by the Off Plan International Collective.

This collective of three women has put together a programme of live installations and performances in the Rex Trueform buildings in the Salt River garment district, some of which have been re-developed and some of which are abandoned and in decay. The performances are constructed around the theme of the 55-minute hour, the rigid system that governed work in the district – the paternalistic formula of 55 minutes work and five minute break for all workers, almost all of whom were women. Many of the performances focus on dress and the exploitation of women in the work force.

The Cape Town Art Fair (19-21 Feb), the contemporary art fair at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, and That Art Fair (18 Feb-6 March) for accessible and affordable art from all over the continent at Palms Décor and Lifestyle Centre, are running at the same time.

Image: Andi Colombo in Richard De Jager.