Fishers of Hope

A new drama by writer/director Lara Foot.

The play is set “somewhere in Africa” and explores aspects of hope in a fishing village, probably on the shores of Lake Victoria.

The play’s subtitle is Taweret after the Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility and although the research was done on the Kenyan shores of Lake Victoria the drama is also inspired by the documentary Darwin’s Nightmare about the hardships, corruption and injustices of the fishing industry in Tanzania’s lake-side city of Mwanza.

Foot, who is the CEO of the Baxter Theatre is well known for her support of indigenous work by young writers and was behind numerous successful South African such as plays Tshepang, Solomon, Reach and Karoo Moose.

The play premieres at the annual National Arts Festival in Gramhamstown on 3-4 July and then moves to the Baxter theatre in Cape Town.

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