24-25 February 2012. This piece, entitled Tunaruka Tukilala, tells the story of young men and women who end up living on the streets of the Kenyan slums, where they have to survive and eventually find a way out.

The Kuruka Maisha foundation (which means Push up the Life) is an organization to improve the standard and conditions of life, education, general and vocational training by moving given street children and youth from a condition of extreme vulnerability and dependency to one of self-sufficiency and well being.

Since 2003 Kuruka Maisha has trained and actively engaged over 300 street youths at an average of 50 per year. Currently the program serves 65 students of which 40 are male and 25 female all at different levels of integration and rehabilitation.

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Address Oshwal Centre, Chandaria Auditorium, Nairobi, tel. +254-0721-439665, +254-020-8016804.

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Kuruka Maisha on Stage

Oshwal Centre, Chandaria Auditorium, Nairobi, tel. +254-0721-439665, +254-020-8016804.