19 October 2010. The New World Cinema projects the documentary film Rhythm is it! directed by Thomas Grube and Enrique Sanchez Lansch. The story starts with a group of teenagers, Marie, Martin and Nigerian-born orphan Olayinka, who are on a journey to the troubled district of Kreuzberg in Berlin. T

hese young people, who have no previous backgrounds in classical dance or music, are part of a cast of 250 dancers, who were recruited to participate to an unusual project. They will have to perform at public schools in order to engage the community and introduce classical music and dance to young people. Directed by Sir Simon Rattle, the conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, these young people will stage a special performance of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring.

The projection starts at 21.30, lasts 104 minutes and is in German with English subtitles.

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Address New World Cinema. Bagamoyo Road, Dar es Salaam.

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Projection of the movie Rhythm is it!

New World Cinema. Bagamoyo Road, Dar es Salaam.