Anthony and Palmgrove Estates

These secluded private residential areas are occupied by middle-income Nigerian professionals.

Housing is largely in blocks of flats and a modern three-bedroom apartment in a good environment rents for N450,000-N700,000 per annum. Located on both sides of Ikorodu Road, one of the main roads in Lagos, the areas are fairly easy to get to from all over the city while traffic is relatively light.

There are buses and taxis but most residents prefer to use their own car. Security is mostly provided by private firms. The areas boast night clubs, hotels and other leisure centres as well as numerous public parks and gardens. Palmgrove is renowned for its thriving night market (19.00-23.00), which also operates during the day.

There are also shopping malls and neighbourhood stores in the areas.

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Address Ikorodu Road, Lagos, Nigeria

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Anthony and Palmgrove Estates

Ikorodu Road, Lagos, Nigeria