Ikeja is the mainland city centre and lies 20 km north of Lagos Island.

Originally planned as an industrial estate, it has gradually grown to become both industrial and residential as people have moved in to support the mostly manufacturing industries located here. The area is close to the city’s domestic and international airports and has good road infrastructure and amenities.

The main residential area in Ikeja is the government reserved area (GRA), a low-density area with cozy bungalows and duplexes. A three-bedroom flat in this area rents for between N500,000 and N750,000 per annum. Ikeja is well served by public transport and taxis. There is a good network of roads and flyovers to ease traffic but most of the roads are poorly maintained.

Rampant street trading in this area also causes congestion. One of the city’s police barracks is located in the heart of Ikeja and there are also police posts located throughout the area, making it feel safe. Ikeja has numerous shopping centres and Ipodo or Ikeja market. There is a vibrant nightlife with decent and exquisite nightclubs and international standard hotels. There are also private sports and recreational centres such as the Ikeja club.

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Address Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

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Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria