Apapa is Nigeria’s main seaport, located to the west of Lagos Island.

Its numerous creeks, islands and water fronts make it a veritable tourists’ delight and there is a high concentration of westerners in this area. A three-bedroom luxury apartment in a block of flats in Apapa government reserved area (GRA) rents for between N1.5 million and N2 million per annum with a service charge of N500,000-N800,000, while a detached house costs between N2 million and N2.5 million per annum.

Residents mostly get around by bus and taxi but one can opt for the more expensive commercial motorbike in order to beat the traffic. Though Apapa is actually close to Lagos Island there is no ferry connection between the two and heavy weekday traffic in the dock area can mean that it takes a long time to drive around the harbour. The situation is better at weekends. Due to the fact that this is the nation’s main seaport security in and around Apapa is tight.

The area has popular shops, good restaurants and an excellent market, including UTC, Park & Shop, Oasis Supermarket, Casamia, Dallas Bakeries and Frenchies. Takawa Bay and Apapa Beach club are good for recreation and they offer a good view of the Tin Can Island Ports and Apapa creek.

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Address Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria

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Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria