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Pottery Exhibition

30 August 2011-30 September 2011. The Embassy of Japan in collaboration with the Japan foundation organises a pottery exhibition at the Modern Art Museum. Japanese pottery is one of the country's olde...
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Exhibition by Klaus Mertens

13-30 June 2011. This exhibition displays the paintings, objects and wood cuts by the German artist Klaus Mertens. Mertens started his career as an architect and later moved to fine arts. In his...
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Exhibition by Antonio Fiorente

4 June-31 July 2011. On occasion of the 54th art exhibition of the Biennale of Venice and of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Italian unification, the Italian Cultural Institute of Ad...
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Panorama & Memories

8-19 June 2011. This exhibition entitled Panorama and Memories pays homage to Addis Ababa and explores its architectural heritage. It also displays the works created by some students within the contes...
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Wondering Exhibition

16-31 March 2011. This exhibition entitled Wondering displays the works by the Ethiopian artist Mulugeta Gebrekidan, who presents a series of new experimental works that reflect encounters with everyd...
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Ants and Ceramicists Art Exhibition

16 January-14 February 2011. This art exhibition showcases the last series of stitched canvases by the Ethiopian artist Elias Sim
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Fana-Wogi 2011: Open Call for Emerging Artists

15 February 2011. This initiative entitled Fana-Wogi was launched by Goethe Insitut and the Modern Art Museum / Gebre Kristos Desta Center in 2010 and consists of an open call for emerging Ethiopian c...
Addis Ababa What's on

Portfolio Review

7-9 December 2010. The Goethe Instituts around sub Saharian Africa organise the third encounter between ten African and Ethiopian photographers, who will meet five famous curators for intensive one-on...
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What’s Out! Muzika 2010

23 November-3 December 2010. This annual World Music Festival, which takes place between the two Ethiopian cities of Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa, foresees a rich programme of concerts by local and inter...
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Double Photographic Exhibition

9 December 2010-9 January 2011. The first exhibition displays a new series of photographs by the famous Berlin-based Nigerian artist Akinbode Akinbiyi. Akinbiyi is one of the founding members of the U...
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Exhibition by Behailu Bezabih

11-26 November 2010. This exhibition, entitled Reason and Emotion, presents the works by the Ethiopian painter and teacher Behailu Bezabih, who critics consider responsible for shaping the strategies...
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Exhibition by Frew Kebede

21 September 2010. This exhibition is entitled Neutral Thinking and brings together the paintings, artistic installations and videos by the multi-faceted Ethiopian artist Frew Kebede. Kebede question...
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Spilimbergo Photography 2010. Glimpses of Africa.

Ethiopian photographer Aida Muluneh has won the 2010 CRAF International Award of Photography presented in Pordenone, Italy. The prize has been awarded not only for her own photographs but also for...
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Yosseph Lule exhibition

7-19 May 2010. Paintings by Yosseph Lule meditate on times gone by and the cycle of the seasons, as well as on Ethiopians
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Mickael Selassie and Konjit Seyoum exhibition

13-26 April 2010. Joint exhibition of work by two prestigious Ethiopian artists, Mickael Bethe Selassie and Konjit Seyoum. Born in 1951 in Dire Dawa, Selassie is known for his sculptures and relief...
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Mursi, Black Bull and Iron Soil

17 March-8 April 2010. This exhibition at the National Museum explores the aesthetic world of the Mursi nomadic cattle herders living in the Omo Valley, with a special focus on the role played by colo...
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Engedaget Legesse exhibition

15 Feb-1 March 2010. Paintings by Berlin-based Ethiopian artist Engedaget Legesse explore the theme of empty rooms. Legesse studied at the school of fine art in Addis Ababa before moving to Berlin i...
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Tulu Guya and Bisrat Tulu in Addis Ababa.

2-11 Feb 2010. Ethiopian artist Tulu Guya returns to the Alliance Ethio-Fran
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Tekeste Yibeyin art exhibition

17-30 December 2009. Tekeste Yibeyin from Axum in northern Ethiopia has dedicated his life to studying and making religious art. This exhibition of traditional and religious works pays homage to this...
Addis Ababa What's on

Addis Ababa electric power show

20-24 Jan 2010. This is the first ever trade fair in Addis Ababa dedicated to electric power production and supply. It will bring together representatives of the public and private sectors and univers...


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