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Oil leak along Egypt’s Nile river

Water purification stations along the river Nile in southern Egypt have been sealed off to prevent contamination from a large oil spill. The accident involved diesel oil leaking from a barge dock...
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Cairo's Computerised Call to Prayer

For more than a millennium, Cairo's call to prayer has been communicated by a chosen person known as a muezzin, or muzim, from the top of the minarets at the city's 4,500 mosques. The muezzin leads th...
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Cairo's Museum of Islamic Art Reopened

After a seven-year restoration programme, Cairo's Museum of Islamic Art was officially reopened by President Hosni Mubarak on 14 August. However the 25 galleries will not be open to the general public...
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Makro store opens in Cairo

The international retail company Metro Group has opened its first wholesale cash-and-carry supermarket in Egypt, in the El Salam City district on the outskirts of Cairo. The store, which operates unde...
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Egypt Human Development Report 2010

Unemployment, poverty and lack of political participation are three of the main problems facing young people in Egypt according to the Egypt Human Development Report 2010, which was released at the en...
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Cairo’s Garden City villa to be restored

US and Egyptian experts are involved in a joint project to restore Villa Castagli in the leafy Garden City district in central Cairo. The building, one of a number of stately villas built in this...
Cairo News

New Egypt tobacco tax

The price of tobacco products has risen sharply in Egypt as the result of a new tax aimed at encouraging smokers to kick their habit. Under the new levy, which came into force on 1 July, the cost...
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Egypt courts private investment in transport sector

The Egyptian government is planning to attract private sector investment in the road and rail sectors in an attempt to improve its transport network, the daily newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm reports. U...
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Grand Egyptian Museum under construction

The conservation and restoration centre for archaeological remains, power station and fire-fighting unit have been inaugurated at the new Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) being built near the Giza pyramids...
Cairo News

Antiquities conference opens in Cairo

An international conference calling for the return of antiquities to their country of origin begins in Cairo on 7 April. Culture ministers and heads of museums from 16 countries are taking part. The c...
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Amenhotep III’s head discovered in Egypt

A team of Egyptian and European archaeologists has found a massive red granite head of Amenhotep III, who ruled Egypt nearly 3,400 years ago. The sculpture is part of a bigger statue of the pharaoh, m...
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Egypt still short of cooking gas

The shortage of butane gas continued into its fourth week in Egypt at the end of February with households in the poorer areas sometimes having to pay LE70 for a cylinder, or ambooba as it is called, t...
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King Tutankhamun death mystery solved?

The boy-king Tutankhamun may have died from malaria according to the results of new scientific research carried out using DNA tests and CT scans. Speculation has surrounded the death of the young...
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Cairo celebrates Egypt Cup of Nations win

Jubilant fans took to the streets of Cairo in celebration on 31 January following Egypt
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Egypt and Ghana through to Cup of Nations final

Egypt plays Ghana in the final of the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament in Angola on 31 January. This is the third consecutive final for defending champions Egypt, which beat their great ri...
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Saudi BinLaden Group gets Cairo airport hotel contract

The Saudi Arabia-based BinLaden group has won the contract to build a new 330-room five-star hotel at Cairo International Airport. Egypt
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Egyptian property tax reforms

A group of professors from Ulster University in the United Kingdom is assessing possible reforms to Egypt
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Stolen antiquities conference in Cairo

Egypt is to host a conference on the return of antiquities in Cairo in the spring. It is estimated that about 30 countries, including Greece, Mexico, Peru, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cambodia and China, will...
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Taxis for women only

Cairo may soon get a taxi service run by women and for women only, according to a recent report in the Jerusalem Post, Israel
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Egyptian tombs reveal new discoveries

The discovery of two tombs at the Sakkara necropolis site south of Cairo could reveal new information about the burial and religious rites of ordinary Egyptians, rather than of royalty according to Eg...
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Estonia and Latvia to share Cairo embassy

Estonia and Latvia are to share an embassy premises in Cairo according to an agreement signed at the end of 2009. If all goes according to plan the jointly operated facility should be operational in t...
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Niqab ban upheld

A Cairo administrative court has upheld the decision of Egypt
Cairo News

Egypt out of running for World Cup

Egypt will not be travelling to South Africa to play in next year


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