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EgyptAir reopens Baghdad route

EgyptAir has announced that it will start direct flights to Baghdad for the first time in 21 years. The service
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High profile festivals cancelled in Cairo

The Cairo International Film Festival and the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre, two of Egypt
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Satellite reveals hidden treasures in Egypt

A satellite survey of Egypt has identified over 1,000 un-excavated tombs, 3,000 ancient settlements and 17 lost pyramids, including two pyramids near the Sakkara pyramid 25 km south of Cairo, suggesti...
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Six ancient Egyptian tombs opened near Cairo

Six ancient Egyptian tombs dating from the Tutankhamun era have been officially opened to the public at Saqqara, 30 km south of Cairo. The 3,000 year-old vaults were re-opened at a ceremony presided o...
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Saudi Arabia lends Egypt $4 billion

Saudi Arabia has agreed to lend Egypt $4 billion in emergency funding. According to Egypt
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International coalition to help protect Egyptian antiquities

A delegation of American egyptologists has said that it would help generate funding to complete Egypt
Cairo News

Emirates Airlines adds extra flights to Cairo

Emirates Airlines has increased its services to and from Cairo International Airport as Egypt attempts to restore its damaged tourism industry after the recent revolution. The carrier now offers 12 fl...
Cairo News

Egypt’s museums reopen

All 24 of Egypt's museums and cultural institutions have reopened to the public after protests and violence forced them to close temporarily during the revolts that toppled the Mubarak regime. Sin...
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Mubarak goes

The end came unexpectedly. Anyone watching ex-president Hosni Mubarak on television on the evening of 10 February would never have imaged that less than 24 hours later he would have left Cairo for goo...
Cairo News

Expectation high that Mubarak is to announce resignation

Expectations are high in Egypt that President Mubarak is about to announce his resignation. A television appearance is scheduled and the high council of the armed forces is in continuous session in or...
Cairo News

Mubarak carries on

A roar went up from the square, of anger. About a minute into the president
Cairo News

Mubarak government launches media offensive

To the background of continuing clashes in Cairo's central Tahrir Square between the supporters of President Murbarak and his opponents the presidential machine launched a combined public relations c...
Cairo News

Violence in Cairo leaves hundreds of injured

Several hundreds have been injured and at least one person dead in Cairo, according to news reports from Al Jezeera, as a result of clashes between supporters of President Mubarak and demonstrators wh...
Cairo News

The protest of the millions

No trains, no buses, no internet and no mobile phone connections have not deterred over a million demonstrators turning out in Cairo and across the country to demand the removal of Egypt
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Demonstrations into second week in Cairo

Demonstrators in Cairo continue to defy both a strict curfew and the deployment of military force on the ground and in the air after the appointment of two military men as President Hosni Mubarak
Cairo News

Egypt prepares for protest after Friday prayers

The Muslim Brotherhood has said that it will support protest action after prayers on Friday throughout Egypt. Previously the country
Cairo News

Thousands arrested in Egypt

As Egypt goes into its third day of protests the authorities are reporting that they have made thousands of arrests across the country as a result of the demonstrations against the Mubarak regime on 2...
Cairo News

Mubarak family shaken by day of revolt

News that Gamal Mubarak, the son of the president of Egypt, and his family fled to the United Kingdom on 25 January is being denied by official Egyptian sources. But the fact that the story, which fir...
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Anti-government forces call for action day in Cairo

Opposition groups have called a demonstration in Cairo on 25 January to protest against
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Copts protest in Cairo

Christian protesters have clashed with police in Cairo in the wake of a bomb attack, which killed 21 and injured 70 worshippers as they came out of a Coptic church in Alexandria in the early morning o...
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Opposition withdraws from runoffs in Egypt’s parliamentary elections

Although results of the parliamentary election in Egypt on 28 November are still incomplete the main opposition force, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the handful of small non-confessional parties have al...
Cairo News

Cairo court overturns telecom media controls

On the day before parliamentary elections in Egypt a Cairo administrative court overturned the decision taken by the country
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Metro 4 for Cairo

The Egyptian transport ministry has finalised the route of the planned US $2.6bn metro line in Cairo, construction of which is to begin in September 2012 and will take seven years. Phase one of Ca...
Cairo News

Egyptian courts cancel elections in 24 districts

Egyptian administrative courts have ordered the cancellation of voting in 24 districts on the grounds that the country
Cairo News

Cairo Tower restored for 50th anniversary

Cairo tower, one of Cairo's most prominent landmarks, has undergone a EGP 35 million restoration process in time for its 50th anniversary in April 2011. Located in the heart of Cairo's embassy distric...
Cairo News

American University in Cairo offers University of London courses

American University in Cairo offers University of London courses The American University in Cairo is to offer courses from the University of London's international programmes. The move is designed...
Cairo News

Boost for Cairo's car industry

Following the introduction of a government incentive to offer affordable cars to taxi drivers, the Egyptian Automobile Manufacturers Association has announced that the the country


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