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Salad by Hany Rashed

14 January-25 February 2012. This exhibition, entitled Salad, displays the paintings by Hany Rashed. In 2010 Rashed had an exhibition at the Mashrabia art gallery, which was the result of several...
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Walls...Colour and Time

12 January-15 February 2012. On occasion of Kempinski's European heritage and appreciation of fine art and culture, the Chocolate art gallery displays this exhibition, entitled Walls...Colours and Tim...
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Paintings by Khaled Hahez

12 January-27 February 2012. This exhibition, entitled On Codes, Symbols & Stockholm Syndrome, features a series of paintings by Khaled Hahez. For over 20 years, Hafez has explored through his pai...
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From Homeland to Heaven

2 January-2 February 2012. This exhibition, entitled From Homeland to Heaven, displays the paintings by the Egyptian artist Samir Fouad. Fouad was born in Heliopolis in 1944 and brought up in an a...
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Al Khawaga & Johnny Stories, 2011

1-29 January 2012. This exhibition, entitled Al Khawaga & Johnny Stories 2011, displays a series of works by Hala El-Koussy as well as a collection of archival images, original photographs, documents...
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Resistance Exhibition

1-30 January 2012. This exhibition celebrates Resistance with this group exhibition. On display are the works by various Arabic artists, such as Adel Abdin (Iraq), Faisal Samra (Saudi Arabia), Karim E...
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Salvator Mundi at Cairo Opera Complex

23 November-3 December 2011. This exhibition, entitled Salvator Mundi, features the drawings and paintings by the Egyptian artist Farid Fadel, inspired by the Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci's lo...
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The Politics of Representation

20 November 2011-31 January 2012. This exhibition brings together posters, stickers, banners, fliers, photographs and other ephemera produced throughout the month by the numerous Egyptian political pa...
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Sculptures by Askalany

20 November-15 December 2011. This exhibition, entitled Portraits, features a series of recent sculptures by the emerging Egyptian artist Ahmed Askalany. The artist was inspired by his great passion f...
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Libya: The Road to Freedom

20 November-22 December 2011. This exhibition entitled Libya: The Road to Freedom, displays the photographs by Amr Abdallah and Mohamed Messara, who documented the civil war , better known as Libyan r...
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Miniatures Exhibition 2011

20 November 2011-10 January 2012. This exhibition of miniatures brings together a galaxy of Egyptian artists, who will present miniature works. On this occasion the guest of honour will be the old Egy...
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Energy of the Moment

19 November-11 December 2011. This exhibition, entitled Energy of the Moment, showcases the modern abstract expressionist paintings by the Danish painter Mariann Villadsen. Villadsen was educated a...
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Good Morning Egypt

17 November-7 December 2011. This exhibition, entitled Good Morning Egypt, displays the colourful oil paintings and pastels by the Egyptian artist Amani Zahran.
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Selection 1 Group Exhibition

30 October-30 December 2011. This group exhibition, entitled Selection 1, features the works by various Egyptian artists such as Raouf Raafat, Samir Rafie, Hassan Abdel-Fattah and Salem Salah.
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The 22nd Youth Salon

14 Nov-8 Dec 2011. The 22nd edition of the Youth Salon, entitled Change, brings together a myriad of works of art by young, emerging artists. This annual competition is reserved to young artists, whos...
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Egypt Rises Again

13 November-5 December 2011. This exhibition, entitled Egypt Rises Again, displays a new series of paintings by the contemporary Egyptian artist Mohamed El-Nasser. El-Nasser uses bright colours to pa...
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Tribute to Frank Liszt

8 November-8 December 2011. On occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the German-Hungarian composer Frank Liszt (1811-1886), the Hungarian Cultural Counsellor Office pays homage to the musi...
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Exhibition by Gamal Abdel-Nasser

16 October-16 November 2011. This solo exhibition displays a series of recent sculptures, entitled Mother Egypt, by the young Egyptian artist Gamal Abdel-Nasser. This innovative artist offers the view...
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Revolutionary Vision

13 October-17 November 2011. This group exhibition, entitled Revolutionary Vision, showcases a selection of photographs and videos by the Egyptian artists Alaa Taher, Bassam El-Zoghby, Ibrahim Saad, J...
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Abdel Nasser: The Dream

25 September-25 October 2011. This group exhibition commemorates the memory of Abdel Nasser (1918-1970), president of Egypt from 1956 until his death. As colonel in the Egyptian army, Nasser let...


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