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Fritha Langerman on the Perception of Disease

30 May-1 Aug 2010. Subtle Thresholds: The representational taxonomies of disease by the South African artist Fritha Langerman is dedicated to the visual representation of disease. It presents items fr...
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Super Boring by Wayne Barker

20 March-23 May 2010. This exhibition presents works by the South African multimedia artist Wayne Barker, who has operated in the field of conceptual expressionism for 25 years. His recent works bring...
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Richard Mason and Tamzyn Varney exhibition

3-28 May 2010. This exhibition features Carbonage Light Richard Mason and Anatomical Arrangements by Tamzyn Varney, two South African artists. In Carbonage Light, Mason reflects on life in a world t...
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Wayne Barker: Super Boring

20 March - 23 May 2010. Wayne Barker is a multi-media artist who works within the realms of conceptual expressionism. For 25 years he has kept South Africa's complex history to the forefront of his ar...
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South African Art at IZIKO

15 April-15 Sept 2010. This exhibition gives a broad overview of the history of modern and contemporary South African art from the formation of the Union of South Africa in 1910 to the present day. Th...
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Us. Xenophobia in South Africa in 2008

15 April-30 Oct 2010. This exhibition reflects on the xenophobic violence in South Africa in 2008. Lesser known and established local and international artists including Andrew Putter, Bili Bidjocka,...
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Mandela. Leader comrade negotiator prisoner statesman.

10 Feb-30 April. Exhibition to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela from prison and the unbanning of the African National Congress (ANC) and other liberation movements by the whi...
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Alexis Preller: Africa, the Sun and Shadows.

28 Dec 2009-28 Feb 2010. This retrospective pays homage to Alexis Preller (1911-1975), one of South Africa
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Strengths and Convictions.

28 Dec 2009-28 Feb 2010. This exhibition, produced by the Nobel Peace Center of Oslo, draws international attention to the world
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Rose Korber Art Salon.

14 Dec 2009-31 Jan 2010. This renowned art salon has presented an overview of South Africa
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Hout St Gallery Summer Salon 2009.

10 Dec 2009-28 Feb 2010. This annual exhibition brings together the work of over 40 well-known and emerging South African artists. On display are ceramics, sculptures, glass works, bronzes, pieces of...
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Wildlife Photographers of the Year 2009.

9 Dec 2009-13 March 2010. This international exhibition features work by the very best wildlife and, more generally, nature photographers from 2009. Furthermore, it offers an insight into the beauty a...
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Resolution: The Power of Innuendo.

30 Nov 2009-7 Jan 2010. This exhibition reflects on the use of photographs to capture, spread, propagandise and sell violent realities. On display are works by Lien Botha, Jean Brundrit, Carol-Anne G...
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Morbid Appetites by Frances Goodman.

12 Nov-12 Dec 2009. This exhibition by Frances Goodman features a set of six sculptures reproducing beaded luxury suitcases of famous brands. With irony and criticism she explores the transience of br...
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Not Alone against Aids.

22 Oct 2009-31 Jan 2010. This travelling exhibition is an international project that has the double aim of making and promoting art and preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. The participating artists com...
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History (n).

23 Sept-16 Oct 2009. This group show by nine contemporary artists examines how artists build up historical narratives and sometimes manipulate them through their creativity. Like historians who use so...
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Jo Noero architecture exhibition.

9 Sept-30 Nov 2009. This exhibition focuses on the cultural, social and political changes that have taken place in South Africa over the past three decades through the projects and designs of Professo...
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Cross-Pollination: South African Art 1930-1950.

9 June-25 Oct 2009. On display are paintings, sculptures and works on paper, which testify to the great diversity of style and technique in South African art between the 1930s and 1950s. The works ran...
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The Zoo Story.

5-22 Aug 2009. This famous show returns to Cape Town after a successful 2008 run and its triumph at this year
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The Rat Pack.

3-30 Aug 2009. The Rat Pack


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