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Memory and Magic - contemporary art of the !Xun and Khwe.

23 Sept 2006-Jan 2007. Over 80 works by San (Bushmen) artists dating from 1994 to the present go on show at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town. The brightly coloured works on paper and ca...
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Memory and healing through art.

15 July-1 Nov 2006. Breaking The Silence: A Luta Continua is the result of a collaborative project between the Human Rights Media Centre and the Khulumani Support Group Western Cape involving over 1,...
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New textiles in South Africa.

12-25 June 2006. Work by South Africas leading and emerging textile artists is on show in the annual Innovative Threads contemporary fibre art exhibition at the Nova Constantia farm just outside Cape...
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Womens rights in South Africa.

24 June-3 Sept 2006. Second to None Celebrating 50 years of womens struggles is a hymn to the achievements of the womens rights movement in South Africa. Drawing on the Iziko South African National G...
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Wim Botha exhibition.

8 April-28 May 2006. Work by the winner of the Standard Bank Young Artist for Visual Art 2005 award, Wim Botha, is on display at the South African National Gallery. The exhibition includes the Mieliep...
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Truth and reconciliation in art.

4 April-31 December 2006. This exhibition reflects on the achievements of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) ten years after it began its hearings in Cape Town. Established by the governmen...
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Take It Like a Man.

19-28 April 2006. In February 2006 seven Cape Town male prostitutes were each given an instant camera and told to take pictures of themselves and their environment. The results of this photographic wo...
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Picasso and Africa.

13 April-21 May 2006. Over 80 original works by Pablo Picasso go on show alongside 29 African sculptures in an exhibition exploring the influence of African art on the twentieth-century Spanish master...
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Pedal Power for Africa.

8 March-9 Aug 2006. Over 100 bicycles, tricycles and pedal-powered machines trace the history of the bicycle and its multiple uses over time. Exhibits include a replica of the 1817 hobbyhorse, an orig...
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About Muslim Women Today.

9 Aug 2005-9 Aug 2006. The Bo-Kaap museum in the heart of Cape Towns Muslim quarter hosts an exhibition on the everyday lives of Muslim women living in the Cape. Out and About Muslim Women Today compr...
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South African art revisited.

24 Sept 2005-19 March 2006. Drawings, paintings, prints and sculpture documenting the vision and experience of South African artists during the colonial era, under apartheid and following the advent o...
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Portraits of Positive Living.

13 Dec 2005-10 Jan 2006. Sixty photographs by David Chancellor examine the lives of HIV-positive people on anti-retroviral treatment and the communities in which they live. They are the result of two...
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Timpuku Wings.

23 Dec 2005-23 Jan 2006. Exhibition of 11 brightly coloured wood carvings by self-taught artist Phillip Rikhotso illustrating traditional Tsonga stories such as cautionary tales used to encourage chil...


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