In Ghana Africa Environment Day on 3 March will have the theme Zero Littering - The Way to Healthy Living. As part of activities to mark the annual event representatives of the environment ministry will tour degraded sites such as the Odaw Channel in Accra, which drains a number of residential areas north of the city centre and is clogged by urban waste. There will also be the presentation of the national environmental awards, mostly to journalists who have made a positive contribution to protecting the environment through their writing. On 4 March there will be a massive clean-up operation, according to a statement from the environment ministry. However, it is not clear where the exercise will be taking place or what form it will take.

Africa Environment Day was created by the African Union in 2003 to promote environmental awareness and the exchange of information between countries on issues of common concern, with a special focus on anti-desertification and anti-drought programmes and the conservation of natural resources.