The Mozambican energy ministry has announced a drop in the price of all petroleum products except fuel oil. Under the new regime, cooking gas now costs 22,500 meticais per kilo (-11,6 per cent); unleaded petrol 26,500 meticais per litre (-9.7 per cent); diesel oil 23,500 meticais per litre (-9.8 per cent) and kerosene 15,000 meticais per litre (- 9.1 per cent). The adjustments, announced at the end of February, are at the ports of entry in Maputo, Matola, Beira, and Nampula. Filling stations in other parts of the country are allowed to set prices to accommodate additional transport costs.

Fuel prices are reviewed monthly and adjusted in accordance with changes to the import price in meticais or to the fuel tax. The last adjustments were made in November 2005. Mozambique currently imports all of its petroleum supplies although oil prospecting is underway.