Arusha to move cemetery for bus terminal extension

Council to exhume 2,500 bodies

Arusha city council plans to expand its main bus terminal by using a nearby cemetery situated in the central Levolosi district between Makongoro and Middleton Road.

The proposal involves exhuming over 2,500 bodies from the cemetery which has been in use since the late 1960s.

The plan follows discussions between city officials and and members of the Muslim Community, who claim ownership of the cemetery. Citing the lack of a "proper" bus terminal Arusha's director Alhaj Juma Idd said the current station is "small, highly congested and extremely old."

A modern terminal will be built using the cemetery land and the exhumed remains will be reburied at the burial plot in the southern suburb of Njiro.

The plan dates back a number of years but in the past was delayed by court proceedings after relatives of those buried in the cemetery tried to block proceedings. Local media report that the cemetery was established following a major road accident in the area some 50 years ago.