Cairo’s painted satellite dishes

Splash of colour across Cairo rooftops

Cairo's skyline is being enlivened thanks to the efforts of an American author and filmmaker who has launched the Cairo Dish-Painting Initiative.

The art project by Jason Stoneking involves painting dilapidated satellite dishes with bright day-glo colours on rooftops across the capital. The writer says is it not only a way of beautifying the city’s skyline but is also a medium to empower people.

The initiative began on the roof of Artellewa Art space – where the Paris-based writer is undertaking an artist residency along with his partner Leslie McAllister – but has now spread by word of mouth to other districts around Cairo.

Stoneking said that the process is cheap and open to everyone but that painting satellite dishes requires prior permission from the building's residents.

He and McAllister plan to remain in Egypt for three months to give workshops and continue with the project whose results will be presented in a final exhibition in November.

To follow progress being made by the initiative, see its Facebook page.

Cairo’s painted satellite dishes - image 1
Cairo’s painted satellite dishes - image 2
Cairo’s painted satellite dishes - image 3
Cairo’s painted satellite dishes - image 4