Boda bodas banned from Nairobi CBD

Court bans motorbike taxis from operating in central Nairobi.

Nairobi's motorbike taxis, known locally as boda bodas, have been banned from operating in the city's Central Business District (CBD) by a Kenyan court on 31 October.

Over 400 boda boda operators had sought to continue operating within the CBD, arguing that a ban issued last November violated their rights and would lead to significant loss of income.

However the court has ruled against their case, on grounds that they failed to demonstrate how their rights had been violated.

The boda boda operators had been stopped from ferrying passengers to and from the CBD in November 2015 by the Nairobi governor Evans Kidero, in line with existing traffic regulations.

However the drivers said they did not receive advance notice of the ban, which was issued with immediate effect, and claimed that they were legally entitled to operate in the CBD.