Cape Town has worst traffic in South Africa

Johannesburg is country's second most congested city

Cape Town has been ranked South Africa's most congested city, according to a report by traffic navigator TomTom which based its results on data recorded throughout 2014. Cape Town's worst traffic is in the morning, unlike most other cities which experience rush hour peak in the late afternoon or early evening.

The city's morning traffic jams increase commuting times by up to 72 per cent, compared to a 58 per cent peak during evening rush hour.

Cape Town was followed in the congestion stakes in South Africa by Johannesburg, in second place nationally with a 26 per cent congestion level, while Bloemfontein is the South African city with the lowest congestion levels, at 24 per cent.

Out of the 146 cities surveyed for congestion in the TomTom annual report, Cape Town came 55th in the world rankings, and Johannesburg in 77th place.

The planet’s most traffic-clogged city is Istanbul (58 per cent congestion), followed by Mexico City (55 per cent) and Rio de Janiero (51 per cent).

For full list see TomTom website.