Fines doubled on Cairo metro

Management company double fines for violations on Cairo metro.

Fines for passengers caught breaking the rules on Cairo's metro system have been doubled from EGP 25 to EGP 50, according to its management company.

The violations include travelling on the metro without a ticket, using tickets more than once, not checking the ticket during entry and smoking inside metro carriages and stations.

However fines have been increased to EGP 100 for more serious violations such as men travelling in women-only carriages or vendors touting for business on the trains.

Last December a smart card system was introduced on the three Cairo metro lines, allowing holders to charge their cards instead of purchasing individual tickets.

Launched in 1987, Cairo’s underground metro system is one of the oldest in the Middle East and Africa. More than 3.5 million passengers use the three lines across the greater Cairo area every day.

The metro generated around EGP 500 million ($64 million) in revenue in 2015.