Ghana to Host its First National Carnival

The Ghanaian Minister of Tourism, Ms Akua Sena Dansua, recently announced the celebration of the first national carnival, which will text place in September 2012 to coincide the London Olympic Carnival. This event, which will be entitled Carnival Comes Home, will pay homage to Ghana’s history and culture and will combine public celebrations, parades and public street parties. Its aim is to encourage the return to Africa of people from the Diaspora as well as people with African descendents.

Furthermore, it will stimulate Ghana’s economical growth and the tourism sector and help prevent the youth from engaging in immorality, drugs and other vices. It is expected to gather together a thousand children, young adults and aspiring performers from different communities, which will participate to the creation of carnival costumes and floats.

The first Ghanaian Carnival will be organized in collaboration with the Ghana Tourism Authority, the UK Centre for Carnival Arts in Luton as well as Ghana Society in the UK.

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