Reconstruction and renewal is underway on facilities at the port of Lagos, which is one of the busiest and largest in Africa.

The project involves repairing erosion to three breakwaters, or moles, to the east and west of the port, building a road, repairing the quay walls at Tin Can port and creating new office facilities at Apapa port.

The port has been suffering from lack of maintenance for decades and now there is a serious accumulation of sand behind the western breakwater and sea erosion at the end of it.

The main access to the port of Lagos is through a channel that is protected by three moles, which were built about a century ago. Designs to rebuild and reinforce them were first delivered about ten years ago but the Nigerian Ports Authority postponed work and now requirements and conditions have changed.

One of the main changes is that the new Lagos Eko Atlantic City, known as the Manhattan of Lagos, is under construction on reclaimed land close to the east mole, which changes the bathymetric conditions in the area and means that the two projects