Lagos to add scrabble to school curriculum

Scrabble to help Lagos students with English language.

Plans are underway to introduce scrabble to the curriculum of Lagos state secondary schools according to reports by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

The Lagos State Scrabble Association has reportedly been in discussions with the state's education ministry to implement the project.

The association's director Adetona Odukomaiya said that Scrabble had already been introduced as a game in all Lagos state schools but that there are now plans to add it to the schools' curriculum.

Odukomaiya said his association sends Scrabble coaches to schools on a daily basis to promote the game's value of increasing the students' English language vocabulary.

Nigeria is the world's top Scrabble playing nation – ahead of the US in second place – in addition to being home to the global Scrabble champion, Wellington Jighere.

In May Team Lagos was the winning state at the 2017 Asaph Zadok National Scrabble Championship held in Abuja.