Major traffic project in Accra

Ghana's Department of Urban Roads (DUR) is implementing a $135-million urban traffic management project in Accra in March.

Known as the Accra Intelligent Traffic Management System (AITMS), the scheme will revolve around a centrally-controlled and integrated traffic signal system, coordinated by a Traffic Control Centre.

Some 180 coordinated traffic signals will be installed as part of a "green wave" system to allow vehicles to move through successive intersections at a specified speed during rush hour, without having to stop. In addition to helping eliminate gridlock the project is expected to reduce air pollution from vehicles stuck in traffic.

The system is also designed to counteract traffic offences, and will be fitted with advanced image recognition technology, motion detection technology and vehicle licence plate recognition technology.

Real-time information on traffic flow will be displayed at strategic locations, while street lights will be provided along 200 km of the more important roads in Accra.

The project is being financed with funds from Ghana’s $3 billion loan from the China Development Bank (CDB) and the three contractors include Chinese company, Beijing Everyway, which will install the traffic management system, and two local companies, Ussuya and Sidalco, which will carry out road works and the construction of the control centre.