Poles for highway bus lanes in Cape Town

The city of Cape Town has announced plans to place poles along the N2’s dedicated bus lane in an effort to curb its widespread illegal use by private motorists.

Authorities will put the pillars in place each day alongside the beginning and end of the bus lanes. The poles will be inserted at 06.00 and then removed at 21.00. New cameras to monitor the bus lane and to detect vehicles' speed have also been installed.

Traffic authorities in Cape Town have based their plan on a similar initiative in Los Angeles which has had success in stopping private motorists from using bus lanes.

In addition to the N2, the project is also planned for parts of Nelson Mandela Boulevard and Hospital Bend.

The N2 is a national route that starts in Cape Town and runs through the cities of Port Elizabeth and East London in the Eastern Cape and Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, ending at Ermelo in Mpumalanga in the north of the country.