Rickshaw taxi service for Addis Ababa

Cycle rickshaw service in Addis Ababa is first of its kind in Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa is set to introduce its first bicycle rickshaw taxi service by early July, according to the city’s transport department.

The city administration has invested 21 million Birr in the purchase of 210 bikes as well as upgrading eight kilometres of road specially for the service.

The two- and three-wheeled bicycle rickshaw system – the first of its kind in the country – will be managed by three small enterprise associations.

The service will operate six routes in the centre: from CMC Square to Semmit; Bob Marley roundabout to Atlas Hotel; Ayat Square to Ayat Medhanialem Church; Ayat Medhanialem Church to Ayat Chefe; Bob Marley roundabout to Woreda 17; and Shola Menafesh to Atlas Hotel.